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Affiliates' FAQ's

How do we benefit by partnering with
  • is the most innovative online insurance agency allowing consumers to purchase Storage and Mobile Storage Insurance coverage for all their relocation needs.

  • Our affiliates will benefit by providing their customers with an essential added value service and by financially profiting from a marketing and advertising relationship with

  • In addition, is one of only a few insurance agencies serving the mobile self storage industry. We maintain a quality control department that is continuously training and supporting our affiliates in order to help them reduce their exposure to risks and claims.

What are the requirements to become a partner in's network?
  • Ownership, management or operation of an authorized mobile storage facility.

  • Ownership, management or operation of any relocation related services, such as Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Moving, or any other service that can refer customers to Mobile Storage Insurance, LLC.

  • Maintaining a financially sound and stable entity.

  • Being a member of a nationally recognized industry association (MS-SA, AMSA, BBB, SSA, etc.).

  • Completion of our application.

  • Adherence to and acceptance of's Quality Control programs.

How long does it take to complete the application and join

Once we have received the completed application form and all necessary supporting documents, our compliance department will begin the verification process and issue a decision within five business days.

Are we compensated for customer referrals to

Paying commissions to a non insurance entity is illegal. However, will negotiate an advertising agreement with its qualified affiliates to be marketed on their website. For more details please contact us directly.

How far in advance of a move date must a policy be purchased in order to provide full coverage to the consumer?

Customers who utilize the services of a mobile storage facility can purchase the insurance at any time during their relocation period. The insurance is activated going forward, is charged on a monthly basis and is not prorated.

What type of insurance coverage does MobileStorageInsurance provide? provides consumers with a Named Perils insurance policy. This means that coverage is specific to the perils named on the policy. For more details on the listed perils, please review our Terms and Conditions.

What insurance companies participate in's network?

The insurance companies in our network underwrite the Ocean and Marine Inland policy. This type of policy is used for Transit Insurance for consumers' shipments while transported or stored in the mobile storage unit. These companies have been qualified by to ensure that their rates, policies and claims settlement procedures provide our affiliates and their customers with sufficient, cost effective and exemplary products and services.

What is the cost to join's network?

There is no cost to join's network.

Who handles the claims submitted by customers?

All claims submitted by your customers who have purchased Mobile Storage Insurance through our website will be handled by our insurance carrier's claims department and will be monitored by our Risk Management Department to ensure timely and appropriate claims handling procedures.

Are we involved in any way during the claims process?

No. All claims are handled by our claims department. We will contact you if any specific documentation is needed to expedite or complete the process.

Can we place your link or banner on our website and if so who is responsible for installing it?

We will provide you with several options of banners or links to our website. It is your responsibility to install and maintain it on your.

Can an insurance policy be purchased by one of our representatives on behalf of our customer?

Yes, insurance can be purchased by one of your representatives, as long as all necessary details were provided and all agreements and disclosures are accepted and signed for by the customer whose name is listed on the insurance certificate.